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Root Canals and Infections


-Studies have shown that 100% of root canal-treated teeth have pathogens and highly potent pathogen-related toxins.  Fungi, viruses and over 460 different kinds of bacteria have been identified with root canalled teeth.

-Finding a sterile root canal-treated tooth would be as amazing as finding a sterile mouth-either finding simply does not exist.

-For the molars and larger teeth the pathogens and toxins drain into the venous blood and lymphatic drainage.  From these draining veins the first high-pressure blood vessels to receive the pathogens/toxins are the coronary arteries and then the cerebral arteries.  From the draining lymphatics the first place the pathogens/toxins go are the breasts.

-How toxic the root canal-treated pathogens/toxins are to a person depends upon the following- 1) The unique pathogen flora present and their interactions, 2) Size of the tooth-smaller tooth vs. bigger tooth, 3) The degree to which the supporting bone becomes cavitated, 4) Genetic disposition to different diseases, 5) How long the root canal has been present,       6) The quality and quantity of nutrition and supplements, 7) Hormonal status, especially thyroid, directly and strongly affect the likelihood and degree to which the infection can spread and re-situate as in the coronary and cerebral artery wall layers, 8) Age and general health of the patient.

-Studies have shown that regular x-rays only show infections/cavitations at teeth roots 40-70% of the time.  3D x-rays are more accurate and show infections/cavitations 91% of the time.

-The DNA of bad oral bacteria (typically found in root canal and gum infections)  has consistently been identified in coronary and cerebrovascular atherosclerotic plaque and blood clots found in patients that had a heart attack.

-Teeth with visible infections on an x-ray are worse than a root canal-treated tooth with no visible infection on coronary arteries and on chronic degenerative disease.  Both are bad but the teeth with a visible infection are worse.  The size of the infection on the x-ray also relates to higher amounts of endotoxins being present.

-In the Journal of the American Dental Association, it was stated that individuals who reported having had two or more root canal-treated teeth were statistically more likely to have coronary artery disease.

-In the 1950s Dr. Josef Issels found that 98% of his adult advanced cancer patients had between 2 and 10 dead teeth.  Issels always extracted these teeth first and his cancer survival rates were quite phenomenal.  Issels also routinely removed the tonsils in his cancer patients because he found that root canal and other infected teeth trash the tonsils.

-The lymphatic system is designed to flow in only one direction.  Disease, inflammation (as would be seen with chronic presence of oral pathogen toxins in the lymph), enlarged lymph nodes and other conditions can result in reversal of lymphatic flow.  This sharing of lymphatically-drained pathogens and toxins makes the head, neck and chest especially sensitive to the antioxidant depletion caused by root canals and is a major factor in the causation of cancer in the head, neck and chest.