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We are including this section in our packet because we routinely have patients who believe they have health problems related to their amalgam fillings and are interested in ways to help detoxify their bodies or are interested in supplements to help correct any deficiencies and enhance their resistance to harmful substances. The information we provide will help you make an informed decision about detoxification. We can’t give specific recommendations about detoxification but we can try to point you in the right direction.
 Detoxification is the reduction of toxic properties of substances by chemical changes induced in the body, producing a compound that is less poisonous or is more readily eliminated. Your body is routinely detoxifying dangerous by-products of metabolism as well as foreign substances that enter your body. It must be your decision as to whether detoxification would be beneficial to you. Just as we cannot recommend dental amalgam removal for our patients, we cannot recommend a particular detoxification program. We are merely providing resources for you to become more informed and help you make that personal decision.

 1. It is our obligation to recommend that you consult with a physician or alternative health provider if you believe you are in need of amalgam removal for health  reason and/or detoxification. While we provide a list of practitioners in this packet we will not refer nor endorse any specific practitioner (alternative or traditional)