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First Appointment

We can't wait to meet you at your first visit to our office!  This page should explain what to expect at your first visit so there are no surprises.



When you arrive at our office we will give you a tour of the office and have you fill out paperwork that includes your medical/dental history and contact information.



To evaluate your mouth thoroughly we do a complete dental exam.  This includes the following:

1.  COMPLETE DENTAL X-RAYS- To make a thorough evaluation a full mouth set of digital x-rays (or a panorex) and digital bitewing x-rays are taken.  If a full mouth set of x-rays was taken within the last 5 years or bitewings x-rays within the past year, please call your previous dental office and have them sent to our office prior to your appointment or bring them with you so they will not need to be taken again.

2.  VISUAL EXAM-  During the visual exam we check your lips, cheeks, tongue, your teeth and existing fillings, the health of your gums and your bite.

3.  PERIODONTAL EVALUATION-  We check the gums to provide you with a proper diagnosis of gum problems so proper home care and clinical treatment can be recommended.  We do not perform a cleaning at your first visit except for children.  The reason we don't is because we need to evaluate your gum health first so we can determine which type of cleaning would be appropriate for you.