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Safe Amalgam Removal

All dental amalgam restorations contain approximately 50% mercury and research and reports show that these fillings emit mercury vapors.  While your mercury/amalgams are being removed we want to protect you from swallowing any pieces of amalgam filling but also from being exposed to the mercury vapor given off from these fillings when they are removed.  We follow and use the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) protocol recommendations for amalgam removal known as the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART). Some of the main points of SMART are listed below and you can also refer to the IAOMT's website,, for further information.

Amalgam Separator - An amalgam separator collects mercury amalgam waste so that it is not released from the office and into the waste water.

Pre and Post Amalgam Removal Rinse - We will have you rinse with Bio-Chelat- a liquid heavy metal chelator, pre and post amalgam removal.

Rubber Dam- The rubber dam fits over your teeth and protects you from swallowing any pieces of amalgam fillings.  It also helps keep your cheeks and tongue and saliva out of our way so we can work more efficiently.  We also coat the rubber dam with Hg-X cream which helps prevent mercury vapor from going through the rubber dam.

Oxygen- We will have you breathe oxygen while we remove the amalgam fillings so you are not breathing in any mercury vapor.  There is a significant amount of mercury vapor that is released from the amalgam fillings when they are removed.

Mercury Vacuum- We will place a mercury vacuum next to your mouth when removing the amalgam fillings.  This draws the mercury vapor and amalgam particulate away from your face and ours.

Suction/Water-  We will be using lots of water and the assistant will use the high volume suction right next to your tooth to collect the filling particles and to also suction the mercury vapor.

Chunking of the Amalgam Fillings-  We try to remove the amalgam fillings in larger chunks or pieces so there is less drilling on the fillings and thus less little particles and vapor released.

Vitamin C/ Charcoal- We will offer you both Vitamin C and charcoal after your amalgam removal appointment.  Even though we take all the above precautions nothing is 100%.  The Vitamin C and charcoal are taken to help bind and detox for any exposure you might have gotten.


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