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Dental Materials Testing



We routinely have patients who are interested in having their dental restorations be the most biologically compatible. What dental materials testing does is tell us what dental materials are safe to put in your mouth. There are hundreds of different dental materials on the market today. If you do not have testing done we cannot guarantee you that we are not putting something in your mouth to which you may be allergic.

There are three main ways to have materials testing done:

1.Clifford Materials Test: This is a blood test that will tell you if your blood serum reacts to dental materials. We can give you the name of an office that will draw your blood. We receive a report back from the testing service within a couple of weeks.

2.EAV (Electroacupuncture According to Voll): For people who desire Electroacupuncture testing, this machine will test dental materials according to their compatibility with the acupuncture meridian system. This will not tell you if your blood is allergic to dental materials.

3. Applied Kinesiology or Muscle testing: Applied kinesiology is based upon the activity of muscles and the relationship of muscle strength to health.

We do not do any materials testing in our office but are happy to provide names of someone that does. We do not endorse nor recommend any one method. You must make a personal choice on which testing method applies to your situation.

If you have a practitioner who does EAV or kinesiology testing for you but does not have our dental materials, you can obtain a materials kit from our office. The cost of the kit is $100. If you are having crown and bridge materials tested it is an additional $20 per crown sample, which is refundable upon return.