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Braces Alternative for Children

Alternative to Braces for Kids in Hopkins

If you're looking for an alternative to traditional orthodontics and are unhappy with your current options, our practice is here for you. At Tooth by the Lake, we're passionate about straightening your child's teeth and ensuring proper oral development through the HealthyStart® System. Our team, led by Drs. Kari and John Seaverson look forward to meeting your family and helping give your child the straight and healthy smile they deserve!

We've been a trusted source of alternate braces for children in Hopkins since 2014. Our dental team works hard to create a welcoming and calming office atmosphere for kids, including those with anxiety. Call us today to schedule your child's next appointment with our friendly team!


What is HealthyStart?

HealthyStart is a minimally invasive way to straighten your child's teeth using a series of oral appliances. Treatment typically begins at five years old and can last until all your son or daughter's teeth have erupted. HealthyStart guides teeth as they erupt to their ideal position while expanding their jaw arches to ensure proper space for incoming permanent teeth. We may recommend that your child wear their appliances at night or during the daytime, depending on the development of their smile.

3 Benefits of HealthyStart

There are numerous benefits to HealthyStart that can make it an excellent alternative to traditional braces. Our dental team will take the time to explain what benefits your child will experience so that you have the information you need to decide whether treatment is right for them. Some of the benefits of HealthyStart include:

  1. Reducing Orthodontic Relapsing: During childhood, the fibers surrounding tooth roots are loose and malleable. However, as children get older, the fibers around their teeth begin to settle and become harder to manipulate. This increases the chances of teeth shifting out of place following treatment. HealthyStart leverages the malleability of your child's teeth to create long-lasting results while reducing the possibility of orthodontic relapse.
  2. Making Oral Care Easier: Traditional braces require your child to adjust how they care for their smile, including special cleaning instructions. However, HealthyStart uses removable oral appliances which help simplify your child's oral care routine. HealthyStart oral appliances can be cleaned like normal teeth by brushing them with toothpaste.
  3. Improving Overall Comfort: Traditional braces can be uncomfortable for your child, especially during adjustment visits. However, HealthyStart leverages removable oral appliances that are personalized to your child's smile for a comfortable and secure fit.

What to Expect During Treatment

When your child comes in for their first appointment, we'll begin by conducting a detailed oral exam. If you're comfortable with HealthyStart, we'll then take impressions. Using the impressions, we'll craft their personalized oral appliance designed to securely and comfortably be worn at night or the daytime. Our team will then fit your child to help them get comfortable and familiar with wearing their appliance.

As more of your child's teeth erupt, we'll have them visit our office for a new oral appliance that's adjusted to withstand the next stage of dental development. Treatment is completed when all your child's teeth have erupted, typically around the age of 12. Following treatment, your child may not need to wear a retainer as their teeth's ligaments were set in the correct spot.

Hopkins Alternative Braces for Children FAQs

At Tooth by the Lake, our team is here to answer your questions and walk you step by step through treatment to help you feel confident and comfortable about your child's treatment. Some frequently asked questions about our Hopkins alternative braces for children include:

Is it possible for my child to damage their appliance?

When your child begins treatment, we'll start them off with softer oral appliance material that your child may bite through. If your child bites through their appliance, our dentist may provide your child with a new appliance that's made of slightly stronger material.

HealthyStart is ideal for addressing minor to moderate orthodontic issues. Some examples of treatable orthodontic problems include overbites, tooth crowding, and crossbites.

The earlier your child begins treatment, the better. We recommend that your child have their first dental checkup by two years old. X-rays and other equipment can help us determine how their smile is developing and whether they may experience orthodontic issues.

Alternative Braces for Children in Hopkins

At Tooth by the Lake, we're proud to offer high-quality alternative braces for children in Hopkins and its surrounding communities, including HealthyStart. Our dental team is committed to treating your child with compassion and respect through every stage of treatment. Contact us today to schedule your son or daughter's next visit and take the first step toward helping them get a straight and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime!